2093 - Sober October Crew - The Joe Rogan Experience

2093 – Sober October Crew – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are some key details on the “Sober October” crew:

  • Sober October is a yearly challenge started by comedian Joe Rogan where participants abstain from alcohol for the month of October.
  • Joe Rogan invites friends to join him each year. The group supporting him is informally known as the “Sober October Crew.”
  • Comedian Tom Segura has participated every year since 2018. He is known for his deadpan humor.
  • Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comic and reality TV host who joined starting in 2019. Called “The Machine” for his party lifestyle.
  • Ari Shaffir is a provocative stand-up comedian and Rogan’s close friend who helped found the challenge.
  • UFC commentator Joe Rogan acts as the ringleader each year, recording podcasts and viral videos tracking everyone’s sobriety.
  • The group raises money for charity through sponsorship, typically earning over $1 million each year for causes like animal rescue.
  • They document the challenge through social media, sharing struggles but also engaging in extreme fitness goals and other self-improvement.
  • The comedians turn abstaining from alcohol into entertaining content, supporting each other while attracting audiences.

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