2092 - Mariana van Zeller - The Joe Rogan Experience

2092 – Mariana van Zeller – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key details about Mariana van Zeller’s background:

  • Portuguese-American investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker
  • Longtime correspondent for National Geographic, reporting on black markets/criminal underworlds
  • Hosted the documentary series “Trafficked” on National Geographic from 2016-2019
  • Show spotlighted black markets and illegal trafficking activity around the world
  • Went independent in 2019 to produce her own docuseries through her company Vanish Films
  • Created the series “The Oxy Kingpins” in 2021 investigating illegal opioid trade
  • Most recent project is “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami” documenting Miami drug smuggling operations
  • Known for infiltrating dangerous criminal enterprises and interviewing key underworld figures
  • Has reported on topics like tiger trafficking, crypto piracy, fentanyl rings, and more
  • Fluent in four languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Her immersive criminal underworld journalism provides rare insights into the global drug trade and organized crime dynamics

In summary, Mariana van Zeller is an intrepid investigative reporter who has earned recognition for her up-close exposés of black markets and the criminal underworld.

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