2091 - Diana Walsh Pasulka - The Joe Rogan Experience

2091 – Diana Walsh Pasulka – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key details about Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka’s background:

  • Professor of philosophy and religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.
  • Received a Ph.D. in religious studies from the University of Chicago.
  • Researches topics like philosophy of technology, digital culture, and information studies.
  • Published the book “American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology” in 2019.
  • Book examines intersections of religion, technology, and belief using fieldwork and interviews with scientists, engineers, and experiencers in UFO and paranormal communities.
  • Argues that belief in UFOs and paranormal phenomena fills spiritual voids left by institutional religion.
  • Studies how pursuit of advanced technology intersects with spiritual longings and aspirations.
  • Provides a sympathetic yet critical perspective on fringe tech fields and those drawn to them.
  • Frequently interviewed on podcasts, radio shows, and documentaries to discuss her UFO research.
  • Seen as a leading scholarly voice bridging theology, philosophy and the cultural study of unconventional beliefs and marginalized communities.

In summary, Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka is a university professor and researcher who studies religion, philosophy, and technology through the lens of fringe beliefs like UFOs to examine their deeper cultural meaning.

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