2094 - Colion Noir - The Joe Rogan Experience

2094 – Colion Noir – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key facts about Colion Noir:

  • Legal name Collins Iyare Idehen Jr., goes by the pseudonym Colion Noir
  • American gun rights activist, lawyer, and online personality
  • Gained prominence as host of the web series “Noir” on the NRA’s video platform from 2012 to 2019
  • Known for articulate, passionate arguments in defense of the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership
  • Began covering gun issues through his own YouTube channel and platform NOIRTV in 2019 after splitting from NRA
  • Popular among younger, diverse audiences as an avid gun enthusiast with a modern sensibility
  • Uses entertainment styles and humor to argue pro-gun positions, make legal analysis
  • Licensed attorney in the state of Texas, practices law when not creating online content
  • Makes regular media appearances as a gun rights commentator and to debate policies
  • Published book “Noir: A Gun Rights Story” in 2021 detailing his personal philosophies
  • Seen as effective, nuanced communicator on divisive issue of guns, appealing to broad viewer base

In summary, Colion Noir is a lawyer and prominent gun rights activist who blends entertainment and legal commentary to advocate for the Second Amendment through viral online platforms after first rising to fame working with the NRA.

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