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Sam Tripoli is an American comedian, podcaster, and conspiracy theorist. He was born on February 12, 1969, in New York City.

Tripoli began his career in comedy in the early 2000s, performing at clubs and venues across the United States. He is known for his irreverent and often controversial style, as well as his willingness to tackle difficult and taboo subjects.

In addition to his work as a comedian, Tripoli is also a podcaster and has hosted several popular podcasts over the years, including “The Naughty Show,” “Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli,” and “Zero.” These podcasts often explore topics related to conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomena, and other controversial subjects.

Tripoli’s work as a podcaster and conspiracy theorist has drawn both praise and criticism. While some have praised his willingness to tackle difficult subjects and challenge the mainstream narrative, others have criticized him for promoting fringe and sometimes dangerous ideas.

Despite the controversy surrounding his work, Tripoli remains a popular figure in the world of comedy and podcasting, with a loyal following of fans who appreciate his unique perspective and willingness to tackle difficult and controversial subjects.

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