2102 - Will Storr - The Joe Rogan Experience

2102 – Will Storr – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key facts about Will Storr:

  • British journalist and author
  • Worked for publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Sunday Times
  • Writes on topics including science, psychology, and culture
  • Books include:
  • “Will Storr vs The Supernatural” (2006) – an investigation of paranormal beliefs
  • “The Heretics” (2013) – an exploration of thought controversies and dissent
  • “Selfie” (2017) – examining the origins of human identity and ego in a social media age
  • His book “The Science of Storytelling” (2022) breaks down the key elements of narrative and myth-making
  • Takes a deep dive approach to writing, fully immersing himself in the subjects he covers
  • Interested in topics like belief, delusion, human irrationality, and mob mentality
  • Seeks to understand stories people tell themselves and why we think/behave in irrational ways
  • Writing style blends journalism, social psychology, and philosophical inquiry
  • Known for thorough research and nuanced perspectives on complex human issues

Will Storr is an accomplished British author who writes longform, in-depth pieces about the science of myths, stories, and humanity’s relationship to belief and irrational thinking.

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