2101 - Bret Weinstein - The Joe Rogan Experience

2101 – Bret Weinstein – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key facts about Bret Weinstein:

  • American biologist and podcast host
  • Former professor of biology at Evergreen State College
  • Resigned from Evergreen State in 2017 after disagreements surrounding campus protests and free speech issues
  • Along with his wife Heather Heying, co-hosts the “DarkHorse Podcast” launched in 2018
  • Podcast covers controversial topics like politics, current events, science, and philosophy
  • Known for criticizing aspects of progressivism, identity politics, and cancel culture from a center-left perspective
  • Supports free speech principles and evolving discourse through difficult conversations
  • Frequently guests on Joe Rogan Experience and other podcasts/shows to discuss biology and social issues
  • Published book “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century” in 2020 about evolutionary psychology
  • Seen as a member of the “Intellectual Dark Web” group of public thinkers operating outside institutions
  • Continues scientific research and writing in addition to podcast and speaking engagements

Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist who left academia to speak independently through his podcast on social and scientific issues from a heterodox perspective.

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