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David Mamet is an American playwright, screenwriter, and film director who was born on November 30, 1947. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Tony Award, and multiple Oscar nominations.

Mamet began his career as a playwright in the 1970s with plays such as “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” and “American Buffalo.” He became known for his distinctive style of writing, which featured rapid-fire dialogue and characters that were often morally ambiguous.

In addition to his work in theater, Mamet has also written screenplays for films such as “The Verdict,” “The Untouchables,” and “Glengarry Glen Ross,” which was adapted from his own play and earned him an Academy Award nomination. He has also directed a number of films, including “House of Games” and “Homicide.”

Mamet has been a controversial figure in the entertainment industry, known for his conservative political views and criticism of liberal Hollywood. He has written several books on theater and film, including “On Directing Film” and “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor.”

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