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Ari Shaffir is an American comedian, actor, writer, and podcast host known for his irreverent and often controversial style. He has gained a large following through his stand-up comedy performances, as well as his popular podcast “Skeptic Tank,” in which he interviews a wide range of guests and explores topics related to comedy, culture, and current events.

Shaffir is known for his willingness to tackle taboo and controversial subjects in his comedy, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in mainstream comedy. He has been criticized by some for his controversial jokes and comments, but has also been praised for his fearlessness and willingness to challenge social norms.

In addition to his work as a comedian, Shaffir has also acted in several television shows and movies, including “This Is Not Happening,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “The Amazing Race.” He has also written for television shows and web series, including “The Bad Girls Club” and “The Pete Holmes Show.”

Overall, Ari Shaffir is a respected and controversial figure in the world of comedy, known for his willingness to tackle difficult subjects and challenge social norms. While his approach to comedy may not be for everyone, he has gained a large and devoted following for his unique and unapologetic style.

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