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Adam Curry is a Dutch-American media personality, entrepreneur, and former MTV video jockey (VJ) known for his contributions to the development of podcasting and his work in the field of digital media. Here’s some information about him:

Full Name: Adam Clark Curry


  • Birthdate: September 3, 1964
  • Birthplace: Arlington, Virginia, USA

Career and Contributions:

  • MTV VJ: Adam Curry gained early fame as one of the original MTV video jockeys (VJs) when the music video network launched in the early 1980s. He hosted programs such as “Headbangers Ball” and “MTV Top 20 Video Countdown.”
  • Podcasting Pioneer: Adam Curry is often regarded as one of the pioneers of podcasting. In 2004, he and Dave Winer developed and launched “Daily Source Code,” one of the first podcasts. This marked the beginning of the podcasting phenomenon, allowing individuals to create and distribute their own audio content.
  • Entrepreneur: Curry has been involved in various digital media ventures, including podcast-related projects. He co-founded Mevio (formerly known as PodShow), a media network that aimed to support and promote podcasters.
  • No Agenda Show: Adam Curry co-hosts the “No Agenda Show” podcast with John C. Dvorak. The podcast features commentary and analysis on current events, media, and politics, often with a skeptical and critical perspective.
  • Curry’s Law: Adam Curry introduced the concept of “Curry’s Law,” which humorously refers to the phenomenon where the length of a podcast episode tends to grow longer over time. It’s a nod to his own podcasts’ occasionally lengthy and in-depth discussions.

Adam Curry’s role in the development of podcasting and his ongoing work in digital media have had a significant impact on the way people consume and create content in the digital age. He remains an influential figure in the podcasting community and continues to explore new avenues in media and technology.

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