2088 - Yannis Pappas - The Joe Rogan Experience

2088 – Yannis Pappas – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key details about comedian Yannis Pappas’s background:

  • Stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster
  • Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City by a Greek immigrant family
  • Got his start in comedy in the early 2000s performing at New York clubs like Caroline’s and Gotham
  • Known for high energy delivery and material derived from his Greek background
  • Cast member on Comedy Central sketch show The Whitest Kids U’Know from 2007-2011
  • Appeared in small roles on shows like Inside Amy Schumer and Wet Hot American Summer
  • Co-hosted History Hyenas podcast with Chris Distefano 2016-2019 before its abrupt ending
  • Recent co-host of the 2 Jackasses podcast with Carmine The Snake Sabia
  • Plays up his “Braveheart” like passion and emphasis on masculinity in acts
  • Tours regularly as a headliner at top comedy clubs and theaters
  • Has made cameos in films and shows playing up New York tough guy archetype
  • Considered an influential NYC comedian with a uniquely aggressive comedic voice
  • Known for embracing and satirizing his Greek heritage and working class roots

In summary, Yannis Pappas is a successful New York stand-up comic and actor known for high energy storytelling and sketches derived from his Greek American background.

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