2077 - Tim Dillon - The Joe Rogan Experience

2077 – Tim Dillon – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key details on Tim Dillon’s background:

  • Stand-up comedian, podcaster, and social media personality
  • Originally from Long Island, New York but now lives in Texas
  • Got his start in stand-up comedy while living in New York City, performing at clubs like Caroline’s and Gotham Comedy Club
  • Built a following from viral rants and sketches posted to YouTube while working as an Uber driver and struggling comedian
  • Launched the Tim Dillon Show podcast in 2019, which grew popular thanks to his unfiltered comedic takes on current events and politics
  • Podcast was previously part of The Ringer Podcast Network, though Dillon has since gone independent
  • Known for abrasive, sarcastic style and refusing to align with any particular ideology or movement
  • Frequently lampoons ideas across the political and social spectrum
  • Has over 1 million followers across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter
  • Headlined sold-out theater shows across the US in 2022 as his popularity has rapidly increased
  • Uses stand-up, podcasts, sketches, interviews and more to provide a unique and biting comedic take on modern culture and politics.

In summary, Tim Dillon has cultivated a die-hard following for his refusal to adhere to any ideology and his equal opportunity offensive rants targeting figures and beliefs across the sociopolitical landscape.

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