2074 - Shane Gillis - The Joe Rogan Experience

2074 – Shane Gillis – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key details on comedian Shane Gillis’s background:

  • Stand-up comedian based in Philadelphia
  • Originally from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Started performing stand-up comedy while attending Temple University
  • Developed an edgy, controversial style often targeting sensitive topics like race and sexuality
  • Gained initial notoriety through viral clips from his performances at top comedy clubs like The Comedy Cellar
  • Co-hosted the podcast “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast” with fellow comedian Matt McCusker from 2018-2020
  • Hired as a main cast member for Saturday Night Live in 2019 but let go shortly after due to backlash over racial slurs in old podcast episodes
  • Continued stand-up career after SNL controversy, leaning further into dark, offensive humor
  • Released his first stand-up comedy album “Live in Austin” in 2020
  • Launched his own podcast “Shane Gillis is Going to Hell” in 2021
  • Performs over 100 stand-up dates per year across the country
  • Known for unfiltered, abrasive comedic style that frequently crosses lines of political correctness

In summary, Shane Gillis is an edgy, controversial stand-up comedian who has built a cult following from viral clips and appearances on the podcast scene, including a short-lived role on SNL that ended due to past inappropriate remarks.

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