2073 - Derek, More Plates More Dates - The Joe Rogan Experience

2073 – Derek, More Plates More Dates – The Joe Rogan Experience

Here are the key background details on Derek from the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel:

  • Real name not publicly known, goes by the pseudonym “Derek”
  • Founded the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel in 2019, which focuses on bodybuilding, nutrition, steroids and men’s lifestyle topics
  • Channel has over 1.4 million subscribers and 300+ million total video views
  • Originally started the channel anonymously, keeping his identity concealed on camera
  • Eventually did a face reveal but maintains privacy for his personal life and real name
  • No confirmed background prior to starting his YouTube career is known
  • Appears to have an extensive personal knowledge of fitness, nutrition, steroids, supplements and applying them to bodybuilding
  • Personality is logical, blunt, and straightforward in analyzing research and controversies in the fitness industry
  • Videos range from compound breakdowns, covering fitness news and drama, debunking myths, reacting to other creators and more
  • Considered an influencer in the online men’s fitness community thanks to his rapidly grown channel and expertise on enhancing performance/physique

In summary, Derek is an anonymous yet highly popular YouTuber providing commentary on fitness, steroids and controversies surrounding attaining an optimal physique, with his identity and history prior to 2019 remaining undisclosed.

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