JRE MMA Show 137 with Jorge Masvidal

Published on March 23, 2023 by

Jorge Masvidal is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States. He was born on November 12, 1984, in Miami, Florida. Masvidal began his career in mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2003 and has competed in several promotions, including Bellator MMA, Strikeforce, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Masvidal is known for his striking ability and has recorded several knockouts throughout his career. He holds notable victories over fighters such as Nate Diaz, Donald Cerrone, and Ben Askren. In 2019, Masvidal set a record for the fastest knockout in UFC history with a flying knee that ended his fight against Askren in just five seconds.

Masvidal has also had a successful career in kickboxing, with a record of 5-1. He has been recognized for his skills outside of combat sports as well, appearing in several films and TV shows.

In addition to his fighting career, Masvidal has been an advocate for various causes, including supporting the rights of immigrants and helping those in need in his community.

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