1926 – Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis – The Joe Rogan Experience Video

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Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis are both stand-up comedians from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are also close friends and have worked together on various comedy projects.

Shane Gillis gained national attention in 2019 when he was announced as a new cast member of the television show “Saturday Night Live.” However, controversy erupted when videos of Gillis making offensive comments about various ethnic groups and using racist slurs surfaced online. Gillis was subsequently fired from “Saturday Night Live” before he even appeared on the show.

McCusker and Gillis co-host a podcast called “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” which has also been the subject of controversy due to the hosts’ use of offensive language and jokes that some people find objectionable.

Despite the controversy surrounding Gillis, he and McCusker have continued to perform together and have built a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their irreverent humor.

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