1918 – John Reeves, from The Boneyard Alaska

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John Reeves is an Alaskan gold miner who gained public prominence on the 2012 National Geographic reality TV show “Gold Rush: Alaska.” The show follows several teams of gold miners as they prospect for gold in various locations around Alaska and the Yukon.

Reeves was a member of the show’s second season, which aired in 2012, and was part of a team led by gold miner Dave Turin. The team worked in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, and was known for its use of heavy machinery to extract gold from the ground.

Reeves gained attention on the show for his expertise in operating heavy equipment, particularly bulldozers and excavators. He was also known for his no-nonsense attitude and his ability to handle the physical demands of gold mining in a harsh and remote environment.

Since his appearance on “Gold Rush: Alaska,” Reeves has continued to work as a gold miner in Alaska and has occasionally made appearances on other reality TV shows related to gold mining. However, he has largely remained out of the public eye and there is limited information available about his current activities.

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