1817 – Hotep Jesus – The Joe Rogan Experience Video

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Hotep Jesus, whose real name is Bryan Sharpe, is an American entrepreneur, author, and social commentator. He was born on January 27, 1986, in Brooklyn, New York.

Hotep Jesus is known for his outspoken views on politics, race, and culture, which he shares through his social media presence and various public appearances. He often promotes the principles of self-empowerment, entrepreneurship, and individualism, and is critical of what he sees as the victim mentality promoted by some in the black community.

In addition to his social commentary, Hotep Jesus is an entrepreneur who has founded several companies, including Preeminent Productions, a marketing and branding firm. He is also the author of the book “Dominate Twitter,” which offers tips and strategies for using the platform to build a brand or business.

Hotep Jesus gained widespread attention in 2018 when he staged a social experiment in which he posed as a Starbucks employee and offered free coffee to white customers as a form of reparations for slavery. The experiment was intended to spark a conversation about race and reparations in America.

Overall, Hotep Jesus is a controversial figure who has gained a following for his unapologetic views on race, politics, and entrepreneurship. While some see him as a provocative and thought-provoking voice, others have criticized him for promoting divisive and harmful ideas.

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