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Valentine Thomas is a French Canadian freediver, environmental advocate, and chef. She is known for her passion for sustainable fishing and has dedicated her career to promoting the responsible harvesting of seafood.

Thomas grew up in Quebec and discovered her love for freediving while traveling in Southeast Asia. She was immediately drawn to the sport and quickly became one of the top female freedivers in the world, setting multiple records and winning numerous competitions.

However, it was Thomas’s concern for the health of the oceans and the impact of overfishing that led her to focus on sustainable fishing. She has traveled the world, studying the impact of commercial fishing and working with local communities to promote more responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Thomas is also a trained chef and has used her knowledge of cooking to advocate for sustainable seafood. She has written a cookbook, “Snapper: A Guide to Sustainable Seafood,” and has appeared on numerous television shows, including “Top Chef Canada,” to promote the responsible harvesting and consumption of seafood.

Overall, Valentine Thomas is a passionate advocate for sustainable fishing and the health of the oceans. Her dedication to promoting responsible fishing practices and her expertise in the culinary arts have made her a respected and influential voice in the sustainable seafood movement.

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