1745 – Matt Taibbi – The Joe Rogan Experience Video

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Matt Taibbi is an American journalist, author, and podcaster. He was born on March 2, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Taibbi began his career as a journalist in the 1990s, working for publications such as The eXile and Rolling Stone. He gained national attention for his coverage of the 2008 financial crisis, including his article “The Great American Bubble Machine,” which was highly critical of Goldman Sachs.

Taibbi has written several books, including “Griftopia,” “The Divide,” and “Hate Inc.” He is also the host of the podcast “Useful Idiots,” which he co-hosts with Katie Halper.

Throughout his career, Taibbi has been known for his incisive and often controversial commentary on politics and culture. He has been praised for his ability to break down complex issues and make them accessible to a wide audience, as well as his willingness to take on powerful institutions and individuals. He continues to write and speak out on a wide range of issues, and remains one of the most influential journalists of his generation.

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