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Peter Attia is a Canadian-American physician, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He was born on October 4, 1967, in Toronto, Canada. Attia is known for his work in the field of longevity and human performance, and for his advocacy of evidence-based medicine and nutrition.

Attia studied mathematics and mechanical engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, before earning his medical degree from Stanford University. He completed his residency in surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and went on to complete a fellowship in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute.

After working as a surgeon for several years, Attia turned his focus to the fields of nutrition, longevity, and human performance. He founded the Attia Medical practice, which focuses on providing personalized health and wellness solutions to clients. He also hosts “The Drive with Peter Attia”, a popular podcast in which he interviews experts in the fields of health, medicine, and science.

Attia is known for his advocacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet as a means of improving health and promoting longevity. He has also spoken out about the need for greater transparency and accountability in the medical industry, and has been critical of the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on medical research and practice.

Attia is a highly respected figure in the fields of medicine and nutrition, and his work has been featured in many media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. He continues to be an influential voice in the ongoing discussions about health and wellness.

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