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Published on October 25, 2021 by

Meghan Murphy is a Canadian writer, journalist, and feminist activist. She is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, a website and podcast that focuses on feminist news, opinion, and analysis.

Murphy is known for her outspoken views on a wide range of feminist issues, including pornography, prostitution, and gender identity. She has been a vocal critic of the sex industry, arguing that it perpetuates violence against women and reinforces harmful gender stereotypes. She has also been a critic of the transgender movement, arguing that it erases the experiences and struggles of women as a distinct class.

Murphy’s views have been controversial, and she has faced significant backlash from both mainstream media outlets and the feminist community. In 2018, her invitation to speak at a Vancouver public library was met with protests and calls for her to be banned from the event. The controversy sparked a national debate over free speech and the limits of public discourse.

Despite the backlash she has faced, Murphy has remained committed to her work as a feminist activist and journalist. She continues to write and speak on issues related to women’s rights, and her work has helped to elevate important conversations about gender, sexuality, and power in contemporary society.

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