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Abby Martin is an American journalist, documentary filmmaker, and political commentator. She is known for her critical reporting on a variety of issues, including US foreign policy, the environment, and human rights.

Martin began her career in journalism as a correspondent for RT America, a Russian state-funded news network, where she hosted her own show called “Breaking the Set.” During her time at RT, Martin gained a reputation for her hard-hitting reporting and willingness to challenge the mainstream narrative on a range of issues.

In addition to her work in journalism, Martin is also a documentary filmmaker. She has directed and produced several films, including “Gaza Fights for Freedom,” which examines the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and “The Empire Files,” which explores the impact of US foreign policy on countries around the world.

Martin has been a vocal advocate for political and social change throughout her career. She has spoken out against government surveillance, police brutality, and the influence of money in politics. She has also been a strong supporter of the anti-war movement and has called for greater efforts to address climate change.

Overall, Abby Martin is a prominent and controversial figure in the world of journalism and political commentary, known for her critical reporting on a range of issues and her advocacy for political and social change.

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