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Josh Dubin is an American criminal justice reform advocate and innocence project activist. He is best known for his work in overturning wrongful convictions, particularly through his involvement in the case of the “Central Park Five.”

Dubin first became involved in criminal justice reform after serving on a jury that convicted a man who he later discovered was innocent. Since then, he has worked with various innocence projects, including the Innocence Project in New York, to advocate for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted.

In the case of the Central Park Five, Dubin played a key role in securing a settlement from the City of New York for the five men who were wrongfully convicted of rape and assault in 1989. He also worked to raise awareness about the case through media appearances and speaking engagements.

In addition to his work in criminal justice reform, Dubin is also a producer and director. He has produced several documentaries, including “Out of the Clear Blue Sky,” which tells the story of Cantor Fitzgerald, a financial firm that lost 658 employees in the September 11th attacks.

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