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Jonathan Zimmerman is an American historian, author, and professor of education and history at the University of Pennsylvania. He is known for his work on the history of education, civil rights, and international relations.

Zimmerman has authored several books, including “Small Wonder: The Little Red Schoolhouse in History and Memory,” “Whose America? Culture Wars in the Public Schools,” and “Campus Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know.” He has also written for numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic.

Zimmerman’s research and writing often focus on controversial topics related to education and American society, such as the role of religion in public schools and the use of standardized testing. He is known for his willingness to engage in debates and offer provocative viewpoints on these and other issues.

Zimmerman has been recognized for his work with several awards, including the Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Service and the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has also been a Fulbright Fellow and a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation.

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