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John Terzian and Craig Susser are well-known figures in the hospitality industry, particularly in Los Angeles, California. They have made significant contributions to the nightlife and restaurant scenes, establishing themselves as successful entrepreneurs and tastemakers.

John Terzian is a nightlife impresario and co-founder of The h.wood Group, a hospitality company known for its trendy and high-profile venues. Terzian’s expertise lies in creating immersive and memorable experiences, curating upscale environments, and attracting A-list clientele. Under his leadership, The h.wood Group has opened popular establishments such as Bootsy Bellows, Delilah, and Poppy, which have become go-to destinations for celebrities and socialites.

Craig Susser, on the other hand, is a renowned restaurateur and the owner of Craig’s, an iconic restaurant located in West Hollywood. With its classic American cuisine, cozy atmosphere, and discreet ambiance, Craig’s has become a favorite dining spot for celebrities, industry insiders, and locals alike. Susser’s dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering high-quality food has contributed to the restaurant’s enduring success.

Both Terzian and Susser are known for their ability to create trendy, sought-after venues that blend sophistication with an element of exclusivity. Their establishments have become synonymous with luxury, attracting a glamorous clientele and setting the standard for upscale nightlife and dining experiences.

In addition to their individual ventures, Terzian and Susser have collaborated on various projects. They have worked together to host high-profile events, launch pop-up venues, and curate unique dining experiences. Their combined expertise and shared vision have resulted in successful collaborations that further solidify their reputations in the industry.

Terzian and Susser’s contributions to the hospitality scene extend beyond their individual businesses. They have been influential in shaping the nightlife landscape of Los Angeles, bringing a touch of glamour and sophistication to the city’s social scene. Their establishments have become synonymous with luxury and have set the stage for other entrepreneurs and aspiring restaurateurs to follow.

Overall, John Terzian and Craig Susser have established themselves as influential figures in the hospitality industry, leaving a significant impact on the nightlife and dining scenes of Los Angeles. Through their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences, they have elevated the standard of hospitality, creating establishments that are celebrated for their elegance, exclusivity, and celebrity allure.

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