2057 - Dale Brisby - The Joe Rogan Experience

2057 – Dale Brisby – The Joe Rogan Experience

Dale Brisby, whose real name is Cole Brisby, is an American rodeo cowboy, social media personality, and entertainer known for his humorous and charismatic approach to rodeo culture. He has gained popularity through his online presence and comedic videos. Here’s some information about him:


  • Full Name: Cole Brisby (known professionally as Dale Brisby)
  • Birthdate: Not widely publicized

Career and Contributions:

  • Rodeo Cowboy: Dale Brisby is a professional rodeo cowboy known for his skills in bull riding and steer wrestling. He has competed in various rodeo events and has a background in the professional rodeo circuit.
  • Online Presence: Brisby gained significant popularity through his social media accounts, especially Instagram and YouTube. He shares entertaining videos related to rodeo, cowboy culture, and humorous skits, often portraying the character of Dale Brisby, a fictional, exaggerated version of himself.
  • Merchandise and Branding: Dale Brisby has created a brand around his persona, selling merchandise such as hats, shirts, and other rodeo-themed items. His catchphrases and unique style have contributed to the popularity of his merchandise.
  • YouTube Channel: Brisby runs a YouTube channel where he posts videos related to rodeo, cowboy lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes looks at rodeo events. He also shares vlogs and humorous content on his channel.
  • Dale Brisby Show: He has his own podcast called “The Dale Brisby Show,” where he discusses rodeo, bull riding, and other topics related to the cowboy way of life. He often features guests from the rodeo and bull riding community.

Dale Brisby is known for his entertaining and light-hearted approach to rodeo culture, attracting both rodeo enthusiasts and those interested in cowboy lifestyle. His online presence and comedic style have earned him a dedicated following on social media platforms.

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