2053 - Danny & Michael Philippou - The Joe Rogan Experience

2053 – Danny & Michael Philippou – The Joe Rogan Experience

Danny and Michael Philippou, commonly known as the RackaRacka twins, are Australian YouTube personalities, filmmakers, and content creators known for their intense and often violent comedic videos. Here’s some information about them:


  • Full Names: Daniel Philippou and Michael Philippou
  • Birthdates: September 13, 1992 (Daniel) and November 6, 1993 (Michael)
  • Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia

YouTube Career:

  • RackaRacka Channel: The Philippou twins gained popularity through their YouTube channel “RackaRacka,” where they create action-comedy skits, parodies, and short films. Their videos are known for their high-energy action sequences, visual effects, and dark humor.
  • Content: They are known for their creative and often violent reimaginations of popular movies, video games, and television shows. They have parodied franchises like “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
  • Viral Videos: Some of their videos have gone viral, attracting millions of views due to their unique and intense style.
  • Collaborations: The twins have collaborated with other YouTubers and creators, expanding their online presence and audience.

Film and Television:

  • Short Films: In addition to their YouTube content, the Philippou twins have created short films and projects outside of the platform, showcasing their skills as filmmakers.
  • Television Appearances: They have made appearances on Australian television shows, where they have discussed their YouTube channel and online content.

Recognition and Awards:

  • RackaRacka has received awards and recognition for their YouTube content, acknowledging their creativity and impact on the platform.

Please note that the content created by RackaRacka often contains violent and graphic scenes, which may not be suitable for all audiences. Their unique style, combined with their enthusiasm for filmmaking, has earned them a dedicated following on YouTube. For the most recent updates and their latest projects, it’s recommended to check their official YouTube channel and social media profiles.

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