2005 - Tom Segura - The Joe Rogan Experience

2005 – Tom Segura – The Joe Rogan Experience

Tom Segura is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He was born on April 16, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Segura is known for his dry and sarcastic style of comedy, often delivering observational humor and sharing stories from his personal life.

Segura’s comedy career took off in the early 2000s, and he has since released several successful stand-up specials, including “Completely Normal,” “Mostly Stories,” “Disgraceful,” and “Ball Hog.” He has also made appearances on various comedy shows, podcasts, and late-night talk shows, gaining a dedicated fanbase for his hilarious and relatable performances.

In addition to his stand-up comedy, Segura is a co-host of the popular podcast “Your Mom’s House” alongside his wife, comedian Christina Pazsitzky. The podcast features humorous conversations, interviews, and discussions about various topics.

Segura’s comedy often touches on topics like marriage, parenting, everyday life situations, and social observations. He is known for his laid-back and self-deprecating style, which resonates with audiences who appreciate his candid and relatable approach to comedy.

Overall, Tom Segura has established himself as a prominent figure in the comedy world, with his unique comedic style and entertaining performances. His ability to connect with audiences through humor has made him a favorite among fans of stand-up comedy.

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